• 24 Jan 2022
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At Family Promise, our goal is to help your find the best products, tools, and services for your home. Our team of reviewers and editors tests and researches the latest items across a range of home categories to find and highlight the top buys and best value-picks.

We test our products in the home to put them through the paces of day-to-day life. We ask our reviewers to try them out for at least two weeks, allowing enough time to give every feature and function a go. 

Because we know our needs might differ from yours, we give you as much information about our reviewers as is relevant. That way you can make a better informed decision about whether what we have tested will suit you, too. 

We have a few standardized tests for certain products so that we (and you) can compare like for like, but the main question we ask with every review is whether the product is worth the money.

Some suppliers may allow us to keep the product after testing, but we never take payment for reviews. We only recommend items we really love and award a gold or silver badge to anything that gets four or more stars in our reviews. If a product isn't up to scratch, we give the brand a chance to service any issues before finalizing our review – we are all about fairness!